Friday, April 1, 2011

New Month, New Post

First off starting tomorrow night at seven, Scott Woods is doing his annual 24 hour poetry marathon. It's an amazing feat. He's been doing this for six, seven years now and has not repeated a single poem. He does a couple of hours of his own work and the rest are hours devoted to the work of single poets. Admittedly some hours are easier than others. I remember him saying that doing Leaves of Grass in the overnight hours one year was quite trying, but he seems to have made some wiser choices in recent years.

It all happens at Kafe Kerouac, corner of Northwood and High, and admission is free all weekend. Stop by and offer some support.

I'm not posting thirty poems in thirty days in April this year. I did last year and it was quite demanding. I chose the theme of autism last year and was quite challenged by the task. There was some good work done, but some seriously lacking work too.

So this year I'm doing thirty of something all month, it will not be poetry though. I'm taking that 30 songs in 30 days challenge that makes the round on Facebook.

Going to try not and simply post a link to a song, but may give an explanation, an essay and perhaps a poem or two about why the particular song was chosen. I'm also going to do my best and post thirty different songs from thirty different musicians. That's right, no repeats.

Day one: Your Favorite song.

Lists can be so general. Songs can inspire different moods at different times. If you know me you know I'm one of those Beatle people. My favorite album of theirs is Rubber Soul. It's my go to record. And here's my favorite song from it. It's calming, folksy I can almost play it on guitar and I like the feel. First, the demo.

The UK and American releases of this song have a slightly different beginning. The American version has the false start, that's the one I grew up on. I'm also including a short.

Finally, Paul's been putting this song in his sets, which is alright by me.

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