Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Fair Definition

A lot of people ask what a Poetry Slam is. There are people do not like Poetry Slam because of inner prejudices, their own insecurities or simply have never been to one to be able to adequately give it a chance.

My friend Scott Woods has given a new statement on the craft.

"They take people’s number one fear – public speaking – and commit an act of sharing so frequently personal that it staggers the mind with its audacity. It is not always great art – many are not great poets – but there isn’t one who doesn’t want to be, even fleetingly, just once, one week out of the hundreds of weeks that make up their lives. Poetry slams don’t prove that you are good. They do not require that you be good. They merely ask that you try…very publicly and democratically and by fire.

You can read the rest of the entry here.

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