Monday, April 18, 2011

Ah, scratch my back baby

Day 18 - A song that you wish you heard on the radio.

Geez, where to do you want me to start?

I've written about her extensively here, my answer remains Maria McKee.

Eighteen years later this song still has more energy than 90% of the pablum on the airwaves today.

Endure the ad, you will be rewarded by a killer cover.


Aubrey said...

I'm really enjoying this song a day project of yours. I've heard a lot of good music I want to explore further and also learned that I'm not alone in being musically stalked (by Rhianna, which is only a different kind of hell than RHCP)

Someone Said said...

Thank you very much Aubrey. I appreciate the kind words. Glad I can advance a few pet causes :)