Monday, April 18, 2011

A First?

N has been been outside today. I had the lawn mower out and he started pushing it around. It was not running. I put it in the garage and kept his wagon out. He asked for it. "I want wagon"

Later, I put both the wagon and mower in the garage and he went out again and opened the garage door. I brought the wagon back out.

He tried pushing it around like the mower, but it did not work the way he wanted and he got frustrated. Knocking the wagon over, was not a happy kid. But he persisted, and the wagon still did not do what he wanted it to do.

He went back to the garage, presumably to pull out the lawn mower, which he was not going to get.

As he closed the door, he said, "I feel sad."

Swear to God he said those exact words.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the good news and the photo of him looking so lanky. His body seems to have shifted from little kid to kid.

Someone Said said...

Thanks. He's a kid alright. Too skinny, but a kid.